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Had the opportunity to go see the newest addition to Disney movie remakes of this year, Aladdin. Outstanding experience, very entertaining and fun. As a child of the 90’s, I experience so much nostalgia and even got to witness kids and grandparents dancing in the theater room. It is clear that the production skipped some details, but when the movie was as euphoric as it was, there is not much critique. In summary, this Aladdin action/musical was made impeccable and hardly left priority details behind. Yago was annoying as always, Abu was the little rascal we remember him for. Aladdin was charming and funny in a shy way. But let’s talk about Will Smith controversy of The Genie being black, considering we are talking about a film with middle eastern priority cast of a few whites, but mostly brown and black, to not skip the fact that this is a movie principally is originated in Arabia (animated film). I can say that Will Smith had some big shoes to fill up during the shoot of this movie, after our beloved late Robin Williams, peace be upon him. I can tell Will not just nailed it, but he also gave the extra mile in his performance, as he appeared to be the same comedian, sarcastic, friend, and father like figure genie we remember, also, awesome dance moves, the dance choreography was something to actually stand up to dance, very contagious. I’m glad to admit that the movie almost brought tears to my eyes as is probably my favorite Disney remake so far. I’m no disappointed one bit, and i encourage you to go watch with your kids as soon as you can.

let’s address the fact that Disney is much closer to release their streaming channel Disney+ (plus), and I’m hoping that not just every Disney show and movie appears in such so waited streaming product, but that we are able to also experience Aladdin again back to back, to back, to back till we can’t no more. Now showing on theaters, enjoy!

check out those dance moves I told you about here!:

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