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Lil’ Dicky And a Whole Lotta A-listers!

Have you guys seen Earth music video already? OH MY GOSH, if you haven’t see it now down below! During Earth day, the famous intellectual rapper created a music video to encourage the minding of natural and wild life conservation along with so many actors and singers. All proceeds from the song will be donated to different environmental charities after collaboration with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

The music video features the voices of 30 celebrities and singer-songwriters, including Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, Halsey, Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brendon Urie, Charlie Puth, Miley Cyrus, among others. Most celebrities represent a different type of animal or plant. Meghan Trainor, Joel Embiid, Tory Lanez, John Legend, Psy, Bad Bunny, Kris Wu an...

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Rythm + Flow

Rapper and actor, Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., A.K.A. “T.I.” has been in the spotlight lately; reality shows, music videos, and apparently a singing competition show coming soon to Netflix. T.I. will be judge of the new talents next to Chance The Rapper and Cardi B! So far sounds like this T.V. Show will be LIT, since John Legend happens to be the producer, awesome. The show will be making its debut in Fall 2019. Is better to know beforehand, so you can excuse yourself from unwanted social events to snuggle up at home and watch this fantastic trio in action. The judges will be selecting our next Hip-Hop star.

I was also thinking tonight, there is two great movies where T.I. makes appearance. Would like to share it with you since they are kind of a classic at this point:

  • “ATL” from 2006, ...
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Ariana Grande | Thank you, next

Our beloved singer and Disney Channel star, Ariana Gande, has finally speak up after her recent break up with Pete Davidson, who was later making jokes about it in SNL. She did in the best way she could ever do it, SINGING! Her latest single called “Thank You, Next” that talks about her previous and unfortunate break ups and how she feels about them. We all love Ariana Grande, even when we can’t figure out why she keeps dating good guys to then leave them. Hey Ari, just saying, we are all right here hoping for good guys to come our ways and you are over there dumping them like it’s a sport. No offense but, i also hope you find the love you seem to be having troubles finding.

Ariana has been known to steal boys hearts with her simplicity, affection, love and support over all things...

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Demi Is OUT!

Demi Lovato, singer and Disney Channel star of 26 years old, was reportedly spotted in L.A. in restaurants, spa, laughing and enjoying. 90 days after her overdose hospitalization in July 24, a sober Demi is ready to comeback stronger than ever. In 2010 Lovato was seeking for treatments to fight back bipolar disorders, bulimia, self-harm and addiction. Even tho miss Lovato has never hide this facts, she always addressed the topic as something delicate that has to be paid attention to in our family members and give all the support needed to encounter the pain and struggle that addiction comes with.
We are all happy to see our Demi coming back and hope to listen her powerful, yet profound lyrics in her songs, We can clearly see how well she is taking all the good changes and seems like everyt...

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Esta Rico! | Will Smith Music Video

Esta Rico. We all know Will Smith has been in numerous vacations with his family lately, we can relate! If we all had that fearless optimism and freedom for life, it would be more easier for all of us. Of course when you have lots of money everything is easy. Will Smith collaborated with Marc Anthony and Bad Bunny, to bring you back that atmosphere. “Que Rico!” is just the way you always feel in the island (Puerto Rico); meaning “delicious” or “this is good” this artists bring you the “sason” to let out free your optimism and enjoyment in life by moving your hips and body by the sound of the beat of its catchy rhythm. Will, recently turned 50 years old and celebrated such with a bungee jump sport up in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon...

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A Star Is Born | Movie Talk

A Star is Born; beautiful, inspirational, romantic, real, emotional; this wonderful film is a remake from 1937 directed by William A. William, was written by Bradley Cooper, Will fetters and Eric Roth. In which Lady Gaga, makes her first ever appearance in a movie film. Tells the story of a famous musician (Jack) that visits a bar only to immediately fall in love with the amateur singer performing in it (Ally). Later on they engage into a very sweet conversation, were they decide to continue sharing more about each other in another local bar. After they spend some quality time in the local bar they get into an altercation with a fan and leave the bar. Jack seems to always be really attentive of Ally, who shows him her voice and one of her songs and become good friends...

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