Land Of The New Stars | In UTERO

This independent film is directed by Royce freeman, and collaboration of PigTree Productions. It is highly impressive and alarming in all the good ways, how Jacksonville Florida has made a vigorous advance in the film industry. Counting with so many raising stars showing so much content and new ideas, inspiring extremely talented directors, producers, writers, artists, and gathering altogether into this box of wonders called Jacksonville. I’ve had the opportunity to be part of their weekly games to keep up with new content and endless connections in Orlando, Miami, Atlanta and others. There was a list of great actors making part of this film, including Devon Ess and Jaybier Niño who are also part of the DCCW Wrestling Incorporation in Jacksonville as “Hembra Kato” and “El Niño“. the director of independent/indie films took this thriller into a gruesome twist where captives try to stay alive. Royce Freeman has been well known for the making of “Piña Colada“, “No Escape“, and others. Our team had the chance to stop him off presentation to give you guys a little sneak peek into the Jacksonville Florida treasure chest, down below. Well seems that Jacksonville is not just filled with talent, but also comes in handy with wonderful events in the beaches area “Jax Beach”, so if you ever want to travel and happen to make a pit stop in Jacksonville, make sure you visit their EVENT PAGE to get to know what’s happening in the area, and have fun with family and friends!

Yet here, what was promised an interview with Mr. Freeman about “In UTERO” and how he came up with this entertaining concept, to make it part of one, and other more great independent films based on Jacksonville Florida. Like, share, comment, IS FREE!!

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