Jason Momoa and Wolverine

Jason Momoa, like, what else is there to say? In my opinion, Hollywood favorite after Idris Elba. Marvel made him Aquaman, and we know there is some controversy going around over the fact that Spiderman is no longer in the Marvel world of cinemas… pretty sure that wont last long… but that is a conversation for another blog. Now a recap, Spiderman is gone, Iron Man is Dead, Captain America finally saved America and decided to grow old and die with his only love. See what I’m talking about? Change, things are about to turn in a good way, just give it a thought? That’s great, new material is coming. Joaquin Phoenix will bring us a new perspective of Joker too. So of course someone would ask our Hollywood sweetheart eventually; At Celebrity Fan Fest in San Antonio, Texas. Jason Momoa was asked by the audience, Which MCU superhero he would like to play? Jason Momoa replied, “Wolverine”, and the audience went crazy, you know. Jason expressed his admiration to Hugh Jackman role, which was the reason he was in love with the character.

I mean, the last thing we know, Wolverine last movie… he died! and left his little legacy, Gabby to continue his path. So it is uncertain that Jason Momoa might play Wolverine. I’m pretty sure the superhero companies are aware of this fuss, since everyone shared the news without reading the articles in which explain it was just a trivial fan question… but hey, law of attraction! The internet is an important tool in this debates. They make money out of us, is easy to do the math when you get what you want. In my personal opinion, I wouldn’t mind, since Momoa has proven himself an impeccable actor worth looking up to.

What do you think? Would you like to see Jason Momoa as Wolverine?

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