Legend of Zelda in Netflix?

So we are now passing to better times, Disney has been very busy in the remaking field of it’s classics, and in the launch of a new streaming channel called, DISNEY+. We will talk about this launch in another article, for now i want to feed you into another fantastic remake. Who likes video games? I do! I’m 80% sure you too! Remember Castlevania? Did you know that Netflix has a Catlevania show based on the actual Castlevania video game? it is produced by Adi Shankar. News do not end here; before you get all hyped and log into your Netflix app, I want you to think… It is the video game movie remake era now? FINALLY? well, embrace. Adi is working in the remake of Nintendo’s “The Legend of Zelda” for a film! how brilliant. Remember Majora’s Mask – Terrible Fate? Well is gonna be a thing now, better check it out down below.

Adi Shankar exposed that he was working with a Japanese gaming company, to bring up an iconic video game character to life, during Anime Expo in 2018. After his speech, he announced to have more new details during November 16 2018 and well… we were all fooled, the same way I fooled you with all this article. Seems like everyone got carried away and BELIEVED their own assumptions. Seems like we can’t ever get what we want, but it’s not THAT bad, BECAUSE THE SERIES THEY ARE WORKING ON IS STILL A BRILLIANT CLASSIC. Adi posted in his instagram account in November 16, 2018 at 1pm the great news! Results that Adi and Netflix are working on “Devil May Cry” Series! Isn’t that a surprise? I’m glad i could sort that out for you, I’ve read so many fake news around. Regarding to Zelda… I’m sorry to say, the making of this series is still uncertain.

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