Mortal Kombat Movie

Did you know that the creators of The Conjuring and Aquaman are in the making of another piece of art to the box? I mean, who remembers the old movie of Mortal Combat? I know right? Now is time for a new creation coming straight up for the remaking era. Seems like we are taking a big profit out of repeating history with renewed and better technology, for the liking of our pupils. Production is ready to start filming in September 16 in Australia, so buckle up, cause this retro action has been owned by new special effects specialists, promising to give us not just an awesome story and action, but effects! I wonder if they might look anything like their video games, where fatalities are something to cringe and lose appetite.

Director James Wan is on board to produce the pic alongside, which will hit theaters on March 5, 2021, the same day as Sony’s ‘Masters of the Universe’ movie. So far we haven’t had any backlash from any trolls, pretty sure is because almost all trolls were born in the 2000’s and Mortal Combat comes way before them. Kids nowadays have no idea about the most wanted video games in the 90’s era, nor their history, so this blog is for you guys, the children of 2000’s, to enlighten your ways into our gore past. Something very graphic a likable about Mortal Combat was their special attacks and FATALITY. The fatalities include nothing more than, breaking skulls, impaling  bodies, eating flesh, breaking bones, smashing a whole body, bloody screens, black magic. In resume, a very gore video game all of us like to play, and just play… not putting into practice, just in case. Anyways, very exciting news to share, that finally our favorite video game will have a movie remake, looking forward to see this awesome piece.

Here is all Mortal Combat 11 cut scenes 2019

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