Spiderman Crossover

Oh lord, the drama, I did this article to keep Spiderman fans in tune with what’s happening around, but at this point, I’m not sure if talking about this is even relevant now since, you know. “Sony pulled Spiderman off Marvel”. Syke! turns out, that is FAKE NEWS, you guys would know if you really read the news, and not follow the audience hype, which sole¬† purpose is to create controversy and call for attention, but like i normally say, these is news of another article. Today we are talking about a little interview in which Tom Holland mentioned the former Spidermen characters, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfiel0d, about wanting to be with them on screen! Let’s go over it. Nothing new, while chatting with Entertainment Tonight, he expressed, had talked with Andrew Garfield which he appointed to be a very lovely person. He also recalled having a brief friendly encounter with Tobey Maguire, and comfirmed us that both are “very nice guys”. They also get to talk with Andrew Garfield, who addressed his admiration for the way he is taking his physical conditions serious for his role, he expressed himself saying that, “Tom Holland is a great Actor”, and that he admires his role in the movie The Impossible… Yeah. I can remember people stating in comments about a Spider-Verse, live-action with the 3 iconic actors, and I will accept it, to be a brilliant idea. But, from a brilliant idea to the theaters? It is completely uncertain. In the end, the Spiderman Crossover hype was just in fact, a real life, out of character, actor crossover.

Anyways, if it was a film… would you like to see a Spidey crossover like that?

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