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Idris Elba | Handsomest Man Alive

The original statement goes, “The Sexiest Man Alive”. Idris Elba who has shown us his awesome talent of adapting into different roles. I want to address that the first time I saw an Idris Elba movie was when he starred in “Obsessed” next to Beyonce. I was really excited to see Beyonce acting, in that then controversial film. After watching it Idris caught my eye, not just because of his handsome appearance but because his acting was so professional and clean. During his last films, including The Dark Tower, Molly’s Game, The Mountain Between Us, Thor, Yardie and Avengers; he has already proved that he is here to stay and slay.

Elba expressed in his Twitter page that the article is no doubt an “ego boost for sure”...

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Venom | Movie Talk

Venom. Astronauts fail to safely land a spaceship on earth after seeking something in outer space and found it. When the ship crashes and groups of experts arrive the scene, learn that unfortunately the ship has been contaminated. Their discovery nearly killed all passengers as it transfers itself from human body to another and gets to run away. This is how Venom movie opens, is really active and entertaining, intriguing as expected. Then comes Eddie, a TV reporter that’s happy and in love with his wife, which is a lawyer.

During a romantic night after enjoying themselves, Eddie decides to take a peek into his wife’s paperwork, only to find out about a good opportunity head-line for his reports, which talked about the spaceship incident and the decreased...

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Esta Rico! | Will Smith Music Video

Esta Rico. We all know Will Smith has been in numerous vacations with his family lately, we can relate! If we all had that fearless optimism and freedom for life, it would be more easier for all of us. Of course when you have lots of money everything is easy. Will Smith collaborated with Marc Anthony and Bad Bunny, to bring you back that atmosphere. “Que Rico!” is just the way you always feel in the island (Puerto Rico); meaning “delicious” or “this is good” this artists bring you the “sason” to let out free your optimism and enjoyment in life by moving your hips and body by the sound of the beat of its catchy rhythm. Will, recently turned 50 years old and celebrated such with a bungee jump sport up in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon...

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