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Had the opportunity to go see the newest addition to Disney movie remakes of this year, Aladdin. Outstanding experience, very entertaining and fun. As a child of the 90’s, I experience so much nostalgia and even got to witness kids and grandparents dancing in the theater room. It is clear that the production skipped some details, but when the movie was as euphoric as it was, there is not much critique. In summary, this Aladdin action/musical was made impeccable and hardly left priority details behind. Yago was annoying as always, Abu was the little rascal we remember him for. Aladdin was charming and funny in a shy way...

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Aladdin New Official Trailer

Aladdin! Yes! We were all waiting for it after the Will Smith backlash of his character The Genie, and let me tell you first how comforting this new trailer is. No doubt that Disney for sure knows what they are doing, it is a golden project, and a must see. Recently, there was a whole controversy of how Will Smith was digitized into The Genie, and fans started to ask themselves why didn’t the director chose a physically bigger person for the role, that way they didn’t have to make Will look so… forced into the character. Fans threw names like Terry Crews (that wasn’t a bad suggestion really), saying that they can assure, he could’ve done a nice job too, and probably nobody would have to digitize him since Mr. Crews is very well known by his huge body physics...

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The new animated Disney film, Aladdin, has caused a lot of polemic already, thanks to it’s unique main guest in the film, Will Smith as the Genie! Disney recently had made a big deal over reanimating their classics in a live stories, and we can all agree is something we love and with excitement, we wait for more. Aladdin is one of my favorite Disney Movies cause, is the story of A MAN. Practically a poor, but kindhearted, homeless young man; who was deeply in love with the princess of Agrabah and dreamed to be a prince. I wouldn’t mind to ask Disney to make more men Disney movies. Yes Hercules can be counted as one of them, but I think is time for more male insight action. there is a lot of outrage for personification of Will Smith into Genie, he was scorched by fans, and not so fans...

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