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Michael B. Jordan | Superman

So apparently DC might be considering to ALLEGEDLY replace the present Superman role played by Henry Cavill for Michael B. Jordan. In the raise of Black Panther, the actor had gained a lot of artistic recognition where fans everywhere had look around for his previous films, and get to know him better. (I have some for you below *;)*). He has been asked about the rumors going around, people such as Oprah had the opportunity to ask Michael the so hot question. Humbly he answered as surprised as when we heard the rumors. The fact is that there is so many people obsessed with the idea, and some expressed their inspiration with art —> Here. So, leaving that said, later on Cavill posted an Instagram, implying in a small superman appreciation post that he has NOT stepped out of the role...

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Get to know | Gerard Way

Many don’t know this, so i came to be a voice of wisdom to all today. Everybody knows My Chemical Romance band right? Hits like “HelenaandBlack Parade, that made great part of our lives. Yes! Vocalist Gerard Way is. Behold, The Umbrella Academy comic author! Recently taken by Netflix, who went beyond expectations in this spectacular new superhero series, about 7 special kids that were born around the world. Every episode keeps you wondering, is funny, is action, is diverse, is unique! Thanks Gerard, Stan passed away and left a legacy. I believe Mr. Way can be a new messenger of the true responsibility of these new powers, in this awesome new Netflix series, based on his comic books.

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Joker & Harley Quinn | Short Film

Fans took a part of Dark Knight script to impersonate the legacy of Heath Ledger, and add some spiciness by adding the awesome Harley Quinn to the scene. Antonio J. Medina is a Jacksonville Florida based actor, who always dreamed of playing The Joker in his plays. As the team spoke about such project, Antonio thought it was a tremendous idea to make something new, different, fresh; which was the idea of adding his sexy, yet psycho loving partner. The brain storm took in place when they arranged to bring to public a story to show people how would a story with both characters might look like if DC comics decided to make a film based on both characters principles and chaotic unity. In my opinion, make up was a blast, Joker almost looks like Mr. Ledger...

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