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Jaden Smith brings clean water to Flint

The actor, Jaden Smith, well known fro being Will Smith’s son, seems to be getting into a very soulful philanthropic entrepreneurship. Jaden has been developing a successful rapping career following in the steps of his father. The young 20 year old star used his influence to address a water pollution problem in Flint, Michigan, which was why he started developing an ethical water bottle company called JUST goods. “Water Box”, Smith’s company teamed up with the First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church in Flint, to provide them a mobile water filtration system to tackle the clean water crisis in Flint.

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Leonardo DiCaprio saves the whales!

Russia orders release of 100 captive whales after Leo pressure them. Russia’s pacific coast have received a lot of criticism since, it has been reported that at least 5 baby walrus, 11 orcas and 90 baby belugas were kept in cruel conditions, and  were also planned to be sold to the Chinese aquarium. Russia’s federal security service, the FSB brought charges against four different companies for breaking fishing laws. Ecology Minister Dmitry Kobylkin said, “we are doing everything we can”, even Vladimir Putin personally stepped in to handle the matter, even tho the whales were still in “whale prison”.

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Jennifer Lawrence | Anti-corruption plan for America

Jennifer Lawrence and director Josh Silver, star in a new Political documentary called “Unbreaking America” a new short film that promises to explain how to solve corruption in our political system. I believe that actors should always take in mind that we aren’t politicians, and we know they aren’t either. But anyways it is the job of every single soul to leave a better tomorrow for the children of the future. As Jennifer well said; We created the government to have leadership to work for our benefit and for us, and “right now it doesn’t”. Changes are possible, but we have to make it together, in the most sane way possible...

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