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This one makes me really excited! What if  we had a real human with superpowers? Brightburn is not your common superhero movie. Brightburn is a horror movie, example, Superman! What if this little superman receives all the love of a caring mother and family and is all normal? As a mother who can’t conceive, imagine that your prayers are heard and from above is sent a beautiful creature. A baby. So you decide to keep it cause you believe, it is a miracle. Long years of joy pass by as he grows up normally and surrounded by everyone else. Beautiful right? To be the mother of a miracle. Now you are the kid...

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The Nun | Movie Talk

Terrifying, dark, boring, intense, creepy, overrated, along with other reviews; as a horror movie lover, couldn’t resist myself to experience one of the most wanted horror films of 2018. So far, my personal opinion is that, it is a “must see” chapter of a very important storyline of movies perfect for a horror movie night with family and friends. Good thing is that Halloween is right around the corner, and that promises to be a great idea. I went to see The Nun by myself, matinee in an almost empty theatre, best decision ever. Since is my pleasure to express my thoughts, I warn you; SPOILERS AHEAD!

The movie starts with a very creepy and intriguing opening, where two nuns try to get rid of an evil presence in Carta Monastery Castle, Romania during 1952...

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