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From The Sexiest Man Alive, to The Sexiest Villain Alive

We look at Will Smith like he is invisible, our favorite father, and superhero, and villain at the same time. Well everyday our beloved artists show us more of how much human they can be in a daily as their lives become more public. Working in the industry, i have notice how difficult is to book a role that goes well with your schedule, and that’s what happened to our Mr. Smith! The studio moved fast in replacing Will Smith, from “Suicide Squad” character “Deadshot”, with another A-List actor. Idris Elba, for “Suicide Squad 2”. The release date is currently set for Aug. 6, 2021. Seems like the actor had scheduling problems, which gave the studio a reason to do so...

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Idris Elba | Handsomest Man Alive

The original statement goes, “The Sexiest Man Alive”. Idris Elba who has shown us his awesome talent of adapting into different roles. I want to address that the first time I saw an Idris Elba movie was when he starred in “Obsessed” next to Beyonce. I was really excited to see Beyonce acting, in that then controversial film. After watching it Idris caught my eye, not just because of his handsome appearance but because his acting was so professional and clean. During his last films, including The Dark Tower, Molly’s Game, The Mountain Between Us, Thor, Yardie and Avengers; he has already proved that he is┬áhere to stay and slay.

Elba expressed in his Twitter page that the article is no doubt an “ego boost for sure”...

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