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Angelina Jolie | The Breadwinner

Oh my goodness gracious! Have you guys already experienced this beautiful, inspirational, brave and realistic movie? Angelina Jolie is the executive producer of The Breadwinner, which is a graphic example of the oppression of women cause by the sharia law. Adapted from the 2000 children’s novel of the same name by Deborah Ellis; Parvana is a 11-year old girl living in Kabul, Afghanistan, under the control of the Taliban. Her father Nurullah, who is a school teacher was left physically impaired during The Soviet–Afghan War; because of the war, he lost his left leg and became a hawker. Taliban soldiers enter her house and arrest her father for having a foreign education. When her father is captured, a determined young girl disguises herself as a boy in order to provide for her family...

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A Star Is Born | Movie Talk

A Star is Born; beautiful, inspirational, romantic, real, emotional; this wonderful film is a remake from 1937 directed by William A. William, was written by Bradley Cooper, Will fetters and Eric Roth. In which Lady Gaga, makes her first ever appearance in a movie film. Tells the story of a famous musician (Jack) that visits a bar only to immediately fall in love with the amateur singer performing in it (Ally). Later on they engage into a very sweet conversation, were they decide to continue sharing more about each other in another local bar. After they spend some quality time in the local bar they get into an altercation with a fan and leave the bar. Jack seems to always be really attentive of Ally, who shows him her voice and one of her songs and become good friends...

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