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Thor Saves His Family

All of us are aware of the controversial news, following the last Avenger movie END GAME. We was all witness of a very depressed Thor dad bod. A sad Thor who thought, he failed humanity and his own power of greatness in justice. The power of thunder. We all know how important is family for our lovely Thor, who in many occasions, gave the benefit of the doubt to his evil brother Loki. News for another article, is the upcoming Loki movie, about WHERE THE HELL DID HE GO, after he took the Tesseract and disappear, when the remained avengers of the future traveled in time, in END GAME. I know, exciting news. But coming back to whats important, Thor does recognizes that a great power comes with a great responsibility...

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Spiderman Crossover

Oh lord, the drama, I did this article to keep Spiderman fans in tune with what’s happening around, but at this point, I’m not sure if talking about this is even relevant now since, you know. “Sony pulled Spiderman off Marvel”. Syke! turns out, that is FAKE NEWS, you guys would know if you really read the news, and not follow the audience hype, which sole  purpose is to create controversy and call for attention, but like i normally say, these is news of another article. Today we are talking about a little interview in which Tom Holland mentioned the former Spidermen characters, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfiel0d, about wanting to be with them on screen! Let’s go over it...

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Jason Momoa and Wolverine

Jason Momoa, like, what else is there to say? In my opinion, Hollywood favorite after Idris Elba. Marvel made him Aquaman, and we know there is some controversy going around over the fact that Spiderman is no longer in the Marvel world of cinemas… pretty sure that wont last long… but that is a conversation for another blog. Now a recap, Spiderman is gone, Iron Man is Dead, Captain America finally saved America and decided to grow old and die with his only love. See what I’m talking about? Change, things are about to turn in a good way, just give it a thought? That’s great, new material is coming. Joaquin Phoenix will bring us a new perspective of Joker too. So of course someone would ask our Hollywood sweetheart eventually; At Celebrity Fan Fest in San Antonio, Texas...

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Disney Is Buying Massive Gaming Company

In a new report, it’s been found that Disney might be looking to make a big leap into the gaming world with the possible acquisition of Korean PC and mobile gaming company Nexon, which could set the company back $13.2 billion. This report comes from Korean newspaper The Central Times, which claims that Nexon Chairman Jung-ju Kim, who owns a 98% majority share of the company, recently approached a “high-ranking Disney representative” in order to strike a deal that would absorb all of Kim’s shares in a massive takeover of the gaming company. Nexon was founded in 1994, employs almost 7,000 people and maintains about 80 titles in the region, making it a big player in the gaming industry and in South Korea and Japan...

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Stan Lee | Excelsior!

On November 12 2018, we were all overwhelmed by the sad news of our beloved Stan Lee. The american comic book writer, editor, and publisher was reported deceased at the age of 95. He passed away at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center from pneumonia and was considered to be by natural cause. All Marvel movie superheroes commemorate the mastermind in their social medias showing how much respect and love they feel for their late creator. Its been a long run for our true hero, he lived a youthful, and joyful life. And I talk for everyone when I say all of us wanted to be him. Not all of us can continue creating such action fantasies in our minds as adults to portray in the big screen and little screen so for that, we are grateful...

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Venom | Movie Talk

Venom. Astronauts fail to safely land a spaceship on earth after seeking something in outer space and found it. When the ship crashes and groups of experts arrive the scene, learn that unfortunately the ship has been contaminated. Their discovery nearly killed all passengers as it transfers itself from human body to another and gets to run away. This is how Venom movie opens, is really active and entertaining, intriguing as expected. Then comes Eddie, a TV reporter that’s happy and in love with his wife, which is a lawyer.

During a romantic night after enjoying themselves, Eddie decides to take a peek into his wife’s paperwork, only to find out about a good opportunity head-line for his reports, which talked about the spaceship incident and the decreased...

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