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Jennifer Lawrence | Anti-corruption plan for America

Jennifer Lawrence and director Josh Silver, star in a new Political documentary called “Unbreaking America” a new short film that promises to explain how to solve corruption in our political system. I believe that actors should always take in mind that we aren’t politicians, and we know they aren’t either. But anyways it is the job of every single soul to leave a better tomorrow for the children of the future. As Jennifer well said; We created the government to have leadership to work for our benefit and for us, and “right now it doesn’t”. Changes are possible, but we have to make it together, in the most sane way possible...

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Jim Carrey Blasted Ted Cruz | Twitter Rant

After a beautiful start this week, we have already experienced several rants by artists taking a word into politics to make the country a better one for the future and specially the children. From Mark Wahlberg saying that “Celebrities shouldn’t talk about politics cause they live in a bubble and have no real understanding of the issues faced by others”, to Demi Lovato coming out of rehab JUST in time to vote. Cardi B using her stage performance to encourage the millennials to vote, a whole bunch of artists on Instagram and Twitter showing their support to the country’s good outcome...

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