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The Outdoors | Horror Short Film

This short film was directed and produced by AC Cruz, Author of the book “NewYorican”. filmmaker, photographer and music composer of AC Link Productions. Presenting you, a scary scene where something creepy appears to be lurking around the main characters with a deadly goal. AC Cruz is driven by horror films and has a high quality of partnership with his colleagues. His professional job has taken him to many places including L.A., New York, etc. Mr. Cruz is now making awesome takes in the area of Jacksonville Florida and succeeding at what he is best at.

Imagine you meet the girl of your dreams and finally find the courage to invite her out to one of your favorite hobbies, hiking...

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Joker & Harley Quinn | Short Film

Fans took a part of Dark Knight script to impersonate the legacy of Heath Ledger, and add some spiciness by adding the awesome Harley Quinn to the scene. Antonio J. Medina is a Jacksonville Florida based actor, who always dreamed of playing The Joker in his plays. As the team spoke about such project, Antonio thought it was a tremendous idea to make something new, different, fresh; which was the idea of adding his sexy, yet psycho loving partner. The brain storm took in place when they arranged to bring to public a story to show people how would a story with both characters might look like if DC comics decided to make a film based on both characters principles and chaotic unity. In my opinion, make up was a blast, Joker almost looks like Mr. Ledger...

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