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Keanu Reeves | Constantine Sequel

Yes, you read that right, for the lovers of horror, suspense, Keanu Reeves, action. It’s been reported that the actor wants to interpret in the movie Constantine again. What is the mood called? EXCITEMENT!

Right now, Keanu Reeves is garnering a lot of attention for his third turn as John Wick, and naturally a lot of people are quite familiar with him from the Bill & Ted and Matrix movies. However, let’s not forget that Reeves has also left his mark in the comic book movie realm, as he played John Constantine in 2005’s Constantine. That movie never got a sequel, but nearly a decade and a half later, Reeves is still interested in reprising the character, saying: “I’ve always wanted to play John Constantine again. I just love that world, too, and I love that character...

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Bird Box

It’s been a while since Bird Box premiered on Netflix but, is also the fourth time I’ve seen the film, when I finally decided to make a post about it. Bird Box is a horror/drama/suspense about an ominous unseen presence that drives most of society to suicide. After 5 years, a mother and her two children make a desperate bid to reach for safety. Based on Josh Malerman novel Bird Box. Seemed for me like the people on their last day, had to face their darkest desires or darkest fears, which led them to commit suicide later under the control of their visions...

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The Outdoors | Horror Short Film

This short film was directed and produced by AC Cruz, Author of the book “NewYorican”. filmmaker, photographer and music composer of AC Link Productions. Presenting you, a scary scene where something creepy appears to be lurking around the main characters with a deadly goal. AC Cruz is driven by horror films and has a high quality of partnership with his colleagues. His professional job has taken him to many places including L.A., New York, etc. Mr. Cruz is now making awesome takes in the area of Jacksonville Florida and succeeding at what he is best at.

Imagine you meet the girl of your dreams and finally find the courage to invite her out to one of your favorite hobbies, hiking...

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