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Legend of Zelda in Netflix?

So we are now passing to better times, Disney has been very busy in the remaking field of it’s classics, and in the launch of a new streaming channel called, DISNEY+. We will talk about this launch in another article, for now i want to feed you into another fantastic remake. Who likes video games? I do! I’m 80% sure you too! Remember Castlevania? Did you know that Netflix has a Catlevania show based on the actual Castlevania video game? it is produced by Adi Shankar. News do not end here; before you get all hyped and log into your Netflix app, I want you to think… It is the video game movie remake era now? FINALLY? well, embrace. Adi is working in the remake of Nintendo’s “The Legend of Zelda” for a film! how brilliant. Remember Majora’s Mask – Terrible Fate? Well is gonna be a thing now, ...

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Mortal Kombat Movie

Did you know that the creators of The Conjuring and Aquaman are in the making of another piece of art to the box? I mean, who remembers the old movie of Mortal Combat? I know right? Now is time for a new creation coming straight up for the remaking era. Seems like we are taking a big profit out of repeating history with renewed and better technology, for the liking of our pupils. Production is ready to start filming in September 16 in Australia, so buckle up, cause this retro action has been owned by new special effects specialists, promising to give us not just an awesome story and action, but effects! I wonder if they might look anything like their video games, where fatalities are something to cringe and lose appetite.

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Disney Is Buying Massive Gaming Company

In a new report, it’s been found that Disney might be looking to make a big leap into the gaming world with the possible acquisition of Korean PC and mobile gaming company Nexon, which could set the company back $13.2 billion. This report comes from Korean newspaper The Central Times, which claims that Nexon Chairman Jung-ju Kim, who owns a 98% majority share of the company, recently approached a “high-ranking Disney representative” in order to strike a deal that would absorb all of Kim’s shares in a massive takeover of the gaming company. Nexon was founded in 1994, employs almost 7,000 people and maintains about 80 titles in the region, making it a big player in the gaming industry and in South Korea and Japan...

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