The Last Pirate

Is always a great time for change, evolution, diversity, fresh faces, new adventures. Is my pleasure to introduce you a new and different perspective regarding to Pirates fandom. We are talking about “The Last Pirate” a new film written, and directed by Christian Pavlik, promising a new twist of pirates in the modern era. Pirates, who doesn’t like pirates? Bring it on! Once again this film was made by Jacksonville Florida talents, who look to strive and bring up the film industry in the area. In my previous blogs, I covered a Jacksonville Florida film, and seems like it didn’t last long for Duval to make another impression for it’s audience. I’m honored and happy to present this new addition to the world of fantasy, action, drama, and more!

Starring in this movie is the talented Antonio J. Medina as “Arius”, who is a very prestigious actor in the Florida area, presenting himself as one of a kind, dedicated and passionate Actor. William Cook, which is also a Jacksonville gem, loved and admired by many in the area for his undeniable talent as a filmmaker, photographer, and enthusiast of this marvelous industry. Both are a very important asset who assisted and helped Mr. Pavlik, bring his first film project to life. So many talented people have gathered to work in this adventure; mosquitoes, weather, expenses, delays. All kind of obstacles they faced, but they all worked together to put Jacksonville Florida in Hollywood’s check list. Let me tell you something, they are doing great at it, and we cant wait to see the final product! Their plan consist in make such an impact, the audience call for a series, chronicles, or sequel out of it. Down below is  the exclusive interview of The Last Pirate, with Antonio, Christian and William, to sort us out over this new Pirate story. Enjoy, and follow their journey in Facebook and Instagram.

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