Thor Saves His Family

All of us are aware of the controversial news, following the last Avenger movie END GAME. We was all witness of a very depressed Thor dad bod. A sad Thor who thought, he failed humanity and his own power of greatness in justice. The power of thunder. We all know how important is family for our lovely Thor, who in many occasions, gave the benefit of the doubt to his evil brother Loki. News for another article, is the upcoming Loki movie, about WHERE THE HELL DID HE GO, after he took the Tesseract and disappear, when the remained avengers of the future traveled in time, in END GAME. I know, exciting news. But coming back to whats important, Thor does recognizes that a great power comes with a great responsibility. Is why our dear Chris is taking a break after this last film to spend some quality time with his real life family. I bet they were all moved by Iron Mans leave. He saved Spidey and sacrifice himself. Dr. Strange know all this all along, which is why he mentioned, that he couldn’t reveal the only possibility of them winning the galactic war, cause if he did, it wouldn’t happen. I’m sure it was a very emotional moment to see Mr. Stark go. We could all feel the warmth of those words in our hearts “I love you 3,000”. Tenders every inch of you, which is something crucial to remember, how important is to spend quality time with your loved ones. Maybe take Chris example.

Mr. Hemsworth told Sydney Daily Telegraph that he will not shoot anything this year. Cause he just wants to spend time with his kids. He also stated, “They are at a very important age. They are still young and they are aware when I leave more than before.” And honestly, we can only hope the best for him and his little ones. Enough to say, Chris is not leaving Thor, just taking quality time off. See you next time Chris, we will be waiting for you!

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